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Herring GullIt's that time to resurrect the Seagull issue again. They screech 24/7, disassemble dustbins, befoul our cars, buildings and washing lines and are generally considered a pest. On the other side of the coin they are beautiful creatures doing what comes naturally to them. So what is to be done? Bridport Radio wants your views leave your comments below.

Victoria Grove speed limit campaigner Maureen Hymas has asked Bridport Town Council to back a speed limit of 20mph along Victoria Grove after a pet cat was killed!
Slow done on Victora GroveShe said: "Yet another pet cat has died a slow and painful death and one can only assume from his condition that this was the result of careless and callous driving. "It is only a cat you may think but next time it could be a child, it could be you, me or indeed anyone if something isn't done."

BENCHMARK DECISION!Well if they are giving Pugh a bench, what are they going to dedicate to the guy who's taken over his patch and only holds a piece of cardboard - a school? BTW is it not illegal to beg? he would be better off off his butt and out trying to better his situation, Plenty of people have a hard life and try to make it better, Pugh selling The Big Issue for example, but not many get a public memorial - This outpouring of sentiment is just onanism. Let us know what you think, add your comments...

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