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Ancient Giants is a documentary that follows three young explorers from Dorset deep into the Chilean temperate rain forest in search of some of the world’s oldest and largest trees. The Alerce Tree, also known as the Redwood of the South, is truly an impressive species. This film gives you stunning footage of these trees and the life that is sustained within their canopy, contrasted against the deforestation of these trees and the effects of their destruction.

Draughtbusters seeking draughty homes for training sessions

draughtbustersOn Saturday  eight people descended on Lorna Hill’s house in Bridport to receive training on a cheap and effective way of sealing windows and doors against draughts. Lorna had agreed to allow her house to be used for the demonstration, and for thanks got her house draughtproofed for free.

Chit Chong demonstrated how to fix the sealing strips on sash and casement windows so that they would keep the heat in but remain easy to open in the warmer months. Gaps round doors could also be stopped very effectively and at little cost with the materials provided.

Meeting determined to save Happy Island area - again

A packed meeting in Bradpole Village Hall on last Wednesday night was shocked to hear of the West Dorset District Council (WDDC) draft proposals to develop the “Happy Island field”, which borders Happy Island Way and Jessopp Avenue.  Cllr Ron Coatsworth attended along with over 50 concerned residents.  He pledged his support for the campaign to prevent the development and encouraged the worried residents to make it clear that enough is enough – Bradpole has seen a huge amount of development during his time as a councillor, and there really is no case for having more.

elijah-wolfFollowing on from last week's interview with Jinder, Bridport Radio's roving reporter Dannie Carter had the opportunity to meet with the enigmatic and ever so talented Elijah Wolf, for an ice cold cider at the Lord Nelson, to talk Bridport and find out a little more about his future projects.

Could You be a Friend?
POPP, NHS Dorset and WRVS are working together to establish a community befriending service for Bridport and the surrounding villages. Bridport Buddies is a voluntary service, available to anyone in Bridport and local areas.

Volunteers are needed to provide a range of services to people who require additional support to remain independent. Anyone can become a volunteer and make an incredible difference to someone else’s life. By donating just 1 hour per week you can change the life of someone who is lonely or vulnerable.

Nine of Dorset’s libraries will close this year unless they are staffed and funded by their communities. Charmouth library is one of the nine.

If we can find the funds and staff, the Council will still provide self-service machines, computers, some new books and refreshment of stock as well as professional library staff support of three hours a week. Residents have to do all the rest – pay for utilities, security, insurance , advertising, repairs, maintenance and so on.

A wonderful peice of cinematography by Stephen Banks

Following a re-design of the popular Bridport and West Bay web site - - Bridport Town Council is seeking interest from community organisations and local businesses in being listed on the site.


mark_watsonMark Watson at Bridport Arts Centre 21.1.12'

Over the past couple of years, Bridport has become a rather popular venue for comedians, both seasoned and up and coming. Mark Watson, famous for appearances on such shows as 'Mock the Week' and 'One Night Stand', stopped by Bridport Arts Centre as part of his 'Request Stops' tour. My husband and I have been fans of Mr. Watson for some time, and we were thoroughly looking forward to the show with high expectations.

jinderLately, I have strived to rediscover for myself, after my childhood years here, all the wonderful beings and goings on that make Bridport such a unique place to live in. Through doing so, I have had the opportunity to meet some truly talented people, and I thought that, alongside writing reviews and short pieces for you lovely readers, I could take the opportunity to shine a light on said people, who through their combined efforts are putting Bridport on the map of talent; perhaps get their take on this quaint town and their current projects, and hopefully bring them a whole new host of fans! First up on my list, the charming, talented and incredibly modest Jinder, who welcomed me into his home and let me interrogate him for a couple of hours!


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