Local boy Toby Burnham (now living in Lun-dun) has stupidly agreed to join ex-England Rugby Captain Lawrence Dallaglio’s “Cycle Slam” project, raising money for both Sport Relief, and the Lawrence Dallaglio Foundation, which gives money to Help for Heroes, and Cancer Research amongst others.

 Everyone can help save the Trick Factory, as everyone has something different to offer. Take a look at the list below and let us know what you are committed to doing to save the Trick Factory. The Trick Factory an indoor BMX bike and skateboard facility located in the St Michaels Trading Estate in Bridport is under threat of closure because of a the planning bid to develop the South West Quadrant, this will also force several other businesses and many artist studios to close or relocate.

OFCOM has announced a possible change to local telephone codes today saying “Due to the sustained increase in demand for geographic numbers in certain areas, available number blocks to allocate to communications providers have become scarce". so-called “overlay” codes — a second code that would operate alongside the existing code maybe introduced across large parts of the country.

Thought it would be a good idea for Bridport Radio members to start passing on top tips about the tradesmen, businesses and other services that we like. At the moment I'm looking for a builder and an electrician that come with a good recommendation. All local businesses are entitled to a free listing on BridportRadio so contact us now to find out how. Meanwhile here are a few best of Bridport businesses to get you started...

So what's in a name? The name Bucky Doo can be traced to "Bocardo" a name given by medieval logicians to a categorical syllogism whose standard form has the mood and figure designated as OAO-3. Which is applied to a prison because just as a Bocardo syllogism always ended up in a final negative, so did a compulsory visit to the Bocardo lock-up generally mean a closer aquaintance with 'the Bridport dagger' and a final negative to the drama of life.
I am still no wiser - Ed

St Mary's Church, BridportThe bells of St Mary's in South Street are a complete eight by Mears of 1924, replacing a Warner eight of 1887. It is said that they were one of the last old style rings to be cast - Mears moved to true-harmonic tuning in 1926.


Here is a collection of images from Bridport's past sent in by our readers. Have you got any pictures from bygone days that you would like to share? Or if you have any information about the pictures published here let us know. Please remember that the copyright for these pictures belongs to their respective owners and they should not be used without prior permission.

Seal of the town of BridportBridport has a long and interesting history, there is evidence in the lumps and bumps of the landscape that people have lived in this area since prehistoric times. In 1086 The Domesday book calls it Brideport. Bridiport 1157, Brudiport 1207, Bredeport 1266. The definition of the name means 'Harbour or market town belonging to Bredy', from Old English Port which can mean either 'port' or 'market' and Brit the name of the river that runs through it.


Images of Bridport and West Bay

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