knife_smallNo 10 Cafe Bar has commissioned self defence expert Horst D. Lindenau to hold knife defence classes for its door staff and bar managers.

Following several incidents in the town involving attacks on members of the public with knifes, No 10 has decided that although no incidents have happened at No 10 it is prudent that its responsible staff receive relevant training to cope with such incidents.

pasties_petrolPetrol and pasties is all about mind control and social engineering and many fall for it. You deserve the government you get I fear and this one is well rehearsed and good at it. They're laughing in the bars at the houses of corruption ... and the tax payer subsidises their alcohol consumption oh woe...

and here i go ... oh the only main petrol supplier, morrisons, in bridport have employed a traffic controller to direct traffic towards the 'empty' pumps and many of them are chelsea tractors from the surrey dahling i notice.

Ancient Giants is a documentary that follows three young explorers from Dorset deep into the Chilean temperate rain forest in search of some of the world’s oldest and largest trees. The Alerce Tree, also known as the Redwood of the South, is truly an impressive species. This film gives you stunning footage of these trees and the life that is sustained within their canopy, contrasted against the deforestation of these trees and the effects of their destruction.

A wonderful peice of cinematography by Stephen Banks

Following a re-design of the popular Bridport and West Bay web site - - Bridport Town Council is seeking interest from community organisations and local businesses in being listed on the site.


Here's some of the tunes played by Simon T at the 2012 New Years Party up in the Artist's Quarter:

Simon T Jan 2012 Deep Tech Mix by Simon Tappenden

Police today were bewildered and confused at the desecration of one of Britain's most loved and admired monuments, in a random act of mutilation the Cerne Abbas Giant’s penis was stolen (that’s easy for you to say) it was later recovered by mounted police from the rooftop of a Berkshire mansion in one of the hardest operations they have handled to date.

With the coffee wars heating up in Bridders you won't be able to turn round without getting foam from a skinnylartymockachino on your elbow or suffering a nasty graze from those biscotti (Italian for biscuit (which is French for dried cake)). Costa coffee have now joined the fray while Starbucks have had a setback to their bid to take over a nice family run concern in Bucky Doo Square after planners decided that it was more a trianglyoblong and would therefore have to re-zone it as set aside arable land.

A rare first edition of the Bible has been found in a charity shop in West Street, Bridport. An eagle eyed Clergyman bought the book with the collected works of James Herriot.

The Clergyman who has a penchant for antiquarian books was passing through Bridport on his way to his holiday destination in Devon when he noticed the abundance of charity shops in West Street.  The Right Reverend Bruce Stanhope of the Archdiocese of Melling who wishes to remain anonymous decided to park his car in the bus stop outside Snooks and investigate.


Images of Bridport and West Bay

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