Horned RabbitOn a recent house call in bridport Mr Ray Poole of the Loft antiques in Gundry lane discovered unknown to himself  a rare little gem.

Not quite sure what he had found Mr Poole contacted the British rodent and rabbit society chairman Mr Charles D Homberg R.F.F. and was told it was in fact a rare Marshwood Vale Horned Rabbit (Oryctolagus Wurzelus Cornuculus) extinct since the late 18thC.

Mr Homberg said that it is the only known stuffed trophy head but he does have a skull which was found while ditching work was being carried out by council workers in the 1920s near Pilsdon.

up_th_creekNOW I AM going to need an awful lot of help and support with this one but I know that the good people of this town will come flooding forward with offers when they hear of my forthcoming adventure.

In the true spirit of exploration and adventure I intend to set off on an expedition to discover and map the source of the River Simene. I can hear your gasps of amazement even as I write the words but for the sake of knowledge for the sake of our children and for the sake of generations, as yet, unborn it simply has to be done.



This incredible photograph was taken by a Bridport Radio member Joy Adamson last weekend "I was just walking home from the pub and outside St Swithuns church I saw what at first I thought was a labrador coming out of the gates, as it came closer I noticed it was not a dog at all but a big cat, I managed to take a picture with my camera phone before it ran off up North Allington"

Bridport Town Council have taken up a sponsorship deal from industry giant Coca Cola as part of the renovation of the Town Hall, Coca Cola are putting forward £170,000 to install a new digital display to replace the existing old fashioned clock face. A council spokesperson said “it will also tell the date and ambient temperature and will sound the hours as before"

Handy for commuters using the new Olympic Monorail

colmers-ajmerIt's no surprise, the popularity of our very own Colmers Hill could not go unnoticed throughout the world, a firm of Indian architects have built a full size replica of Dorset's most iconic mound in  Ajmer,  a city in Ajmer District in India's Rajasthan state. 

The amazing feat of human ingenuity took a mere six weeks to complete and over 30,00 moundwallas were drafted in to complete the ginormous landmark.

Picture of Malcolm French presenting yours truly with a cheque from Bridport Rotary Club. Also thanks to Sherborne Youth Club for a generous donationThis open letter is intended to share a predicament, suggest a course of action and incite some feed back. Put bluntly The Trick Factory in 2010 has lost a lot of money, more than any previous year. I don’t know the exact figure but its around 3K. The reasons for this are lack of support. Either from would be sponsors, contributors or simply people attending the facility, either to use and/or help at the premises.

appleNew regulations that set a minimum juice content for cider will benefit quality producers and protect the integrity of the category.

Summer, a few years back now


Images of Bridport and West Bay

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