DJ James Baker has been DJ-ing for about 18 years playing soul, jazz. funk, house, hip hop and every thing in between. He has just done a set on solid steel radio for Ninja tunes James is the resident DJ at
No. 10 cafe/bar and plays gigs all over the world.

In response to requests on The Best of Bridport Radio we are going to start a thread where you, the illustrious members can tell your comrades a little bit about yourselves, which is just as well because some people think I (Ed) make up all this stuff myself (if only I had the time) or that Carlito really is the alter ego of Bridport Mayor Geoff Ackerman (if that was the case we’d have witch burning at the Leisure Centre).

To know and understand each other betterer ...that is the original idea behind the Town-twinning movement, which was born in Europe shortly after the Second World War. Nowadays Twinning brings together municipalities throughout Europe, linking them in a dense network of citizens whether they like it or not.

Listen to Ways of the Mouth - Jurassic Coast

Ways of the Mouth are a "hip hop" group based in Bridport formed in 2005 sometime, after doing a project with PVA studios. They consist of three MC's and one DJ.

Dick TurpinIn 1997 the council tax bill for a Band C property in Bridport was £618.00 now 10 years later the bill as doubled to £1264.37 an increase of OVER 100%

Has anyone who been in the same job for the last 10 years and had an increase in pay by 100%?
- I doubt it.

Have the services provided by our local authority improved by 100%? - I don’t think so.

Here are some new additions to our archve of images from Bridports past. Have you got any pictures from bygone days that you would like to share? Or if you have any information about the pictures published here let us know. Please remember that the copyright for these pictures belongs to their respective owners and they should not be used without prior permission.

Herring GullIt's that time to resurrect the Seagull issue again. They screech 24/7, disassemble dustbins, befoul our cars, buildings and washing lines and are generally considered a pest. On the other side of the coin they are beautiful creatures doing what comes naturally to them. So what is to be done? Bridport Radio wants your views leave your comments below.

I see a Councillor Cast has recommended a 20 mph speed limit  for the whole of Bridport to the Town Council to stop boy racers speeding up and down West/East/South Streets after 11pm. The police say these should be accompanied with road humps and other 'traffic calming' measures to stop them.
All I can say is that the history of modern politics is littered with the imposition of sweeping and draconian laws that are aimed at curbing the influence of a tiny minority of wrongdoers but affect us all.

Over 200 signatures were collected in Bridport last Saturday morning for a petition by the Marine Conservation Society calling on the Government to introduce Highly Protected Marine Areas, or No-Take Zones, which would protect threatened species and allow fishing stocks to recover. Members of Bridport Environment Group also collected 40 signed letters in support of the Government’s Marine Bill White Paper, which plans to establish a network of Marine Protected Areas in UK waters.


Images of Bridport and West Bay

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