I see a Councillor Cast has recommended a 20 mph speed limit  for the whole of Bridport to the Town Council to stop boy racers speeding up and down West/East/South Streets after 11pm. The police say these should be accompanied with road humps and other 'traffic calming' measures to stop them.
All I can say is that the history of modern politics is littered with the imposition of sweeping and draconian laws that are aimed at curbing the influence of a tiny minority of wrongdoers but affect us all.

Over 200 signatures were collected in Bridport last Saturday morning for a petition by the Marine Conservation Society calling on the Government to introduce Highly Protected Marine Areas, or No-Take Zones, which would protect threatened species and allow fishing stocks to recover. Members of Bridport Environment Group also collected 40 signed letters in support of the Government’s Marine Bill White Paper, which plans to establish a network of Marine Protected Areas in UK waters.

Naked Chef on Hughs Manor - That cheeky Mockney Jamie Oliver has incensed local TV celeb-chef Huge Fearnley Whittingstall by landing on Dorsets doorstep. He visited Denhay Farms and Bridfish Smokery in an attempt to curry favour with the natives. The visit was an attempt by the youthfull school dinner king to get Sainsbos produce buyers out from behind their Swedish office desks and out into the real world. Dorset was chosen as the epicurecentre of the U.K. for the buyers who had never ventured past Acton (Wess Larnden) Bridport resident Mr Bat said  “As we ain’t got a Sainsbos in the area, I just don’t care.”

£buryI am writing to illustrate my despair at the current Poundbury development that appears to spreading like a bacterial infection on the western edge of Dorchester. Living in the best place to be, Bridport, I rarely go to Dorchester, and in a confusing way, I find Dorchester both bland and irritating at the same time. In my opinion (which in no way should be taken as fact) the town itself is far from an idyllic market town, not helped by its complete lack of character.

CockerneesMillions of Cockernee Londoners are expected to hit Dorsets World Heritage Coastline beaches in a mad dash for the materialistic junk feeding their lifestyles, yuppie essentials such as BMW engine spares, anti wrinkle face cream, disposable nappies, Tag Whore watches, Mikkimugs, Versace sunglasses and various other essentials are being spat out by the Sea, who doesn't need any of that rubbish.

OR Why Bridport would like to flog Vanessa Thorpe all the to way to the sea. In a recent article about the culturally feisty seaside town of Bridport. Vanessa Thorpe, the Observer’s “arts and media correspondent”, offended just about every element of the gloriously diverse town she was attempting to praise. By opening the article with tawdry, ill-informed, name-dropping exercise she demonstrates that she clearly has missed the point about what makes Bridport rather special. The town doesn’t give a frothy coffee about celebrity. 

New and improved, the original movie posted here was too ginormous so we've made it smaller for faster downloading. Here's some great footage of Bridport stations very own boys and girls in blue, gettin' on down ina night fever stylee. This clip was filmed and edited by Bridport Radio member AHead especially for the local Policemans Ball. So get ready for some rib tickling, toe tappin' entertainment...

Rachael RobertsThe gorgeous and groovy sounds of local girl Rachael Roberts. "Here I Am" is written and recorded by Rachael in her home studio. This track is previously un-released, but is a taste of what will feature on the debut solo album which will be released later this year. (on the french electronica label Anything Goze).

Please can someone out there explain to me why there have been two new tennis courts built on public playing feilds when the two existing courts are very rarely full? Surely the money could have been better spent on something else such as a basketball court or all weather football pitch, so that the kids of bridport have something better to do than get drunk and annoy others.


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