Rachael RobertsThe gorgeous and groovy sounds of local girl Rachael Roberts. "Here I Am" is written and recorded by Rachael in her home studio. This track is previously un-released, but is a taste of what will feature on the debut solo album which will be released later this year. (on the french electronica label Anything Goze).

Please can someone out there explain to me why there have been two new tennis courts built on public playing feilds when the two existing courts are very rarely full? Surely the money could have been better spent on something else such as a basketball court or all weather football pitch, so that the kids of bridport have something better to do than get drunk and annoy others.

Great news readers, Bucky Doo is about to undergo a huge redevelopment, entries are invited by the Town Council for any ideas/suggestions for improvements that could be made at the expense of local businesses, all the entries will be scrutinised by a panel of experts and a prize of a large cappucino skinny larty expression has been given by Starbucks who honestly have no interest in muscling in on any small family run cafe in the area, although they suggested painting the square green and white.

The Lyric theatre up for sale as 'LAND'. The Lyric Theatre (Formerly Bernard Gale's School Of Dance) in Barrack Street is being advertised by agents Goadsby And Harding, as 'LAND' For Sale? Correct me If I'm wrong, but didn't I see a dirty great stone LISTED BUILDING standing on that very spot for the last thirty odd years of my life? What corrupt game is taking place here. Could it be the planners are scratching each others back again, maybe hoping no one will notice.

Nocturnal execution of thousands of kangaroos at the Bridport euro abbattoir. I have been awakened every morning at around 4.00 am by rough voices and revving engines and slamming doors. One morning last week I decided to investigate which unfortunate anmal was being delivered to its fate at such an ungodly hour. I leapt from my bed - actually I crawled groaning from my bed, but this was before the teeth, groin accidents, and went slowly down the stairs then I was in the street, directly next to live animal lorry.

Trying to Keep Bridport GM Free, Protecting Scallops, A Community Orchard and all those road signs; some of the topics discussed at this months meeting of the Environment Group. 

A teacup fell off a shelf and was smashed in The Beach & Barnicott just a few minutes after Elvis impersonator Kim IL Sung pushed the button on his nuclear bomb test. Beach & Barnicott owner Tom Gillott said; "I was minding my own business when all of a sudden a mug fell off a shelf and smashed, there goes my profit margin I thought, it was my favourite Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle mug as well, it was an heirloom, I never imagined connecting the two events but when I saw the evening news it all clicked into place, I was smacked in the gob"

The Mill, the young peoples’ coffee bar, advice and information centre on the corner of North Street and Rax Lane is in its 12th year.  As a registered charity they rely heavily on volunteers to run sessions and do the fundraising. So they had the idea that if 500 people in Bridport became a ‘Friend of The Mill’ for just £5 per month (or more if anyone chose) our money worries would be over! We could also extend our services further and the People of Bridport would share ‘ownership’ of The Mill.

Surrounded by such beautiful countryside it’s easy to become complacent about the green spaces that weave there way into and through the town.  Where would we be without Askers Meadows or green corridor that follows the course of the River Brit?  These all make Bridport what it is, a market town inextricably linked to the countryside, each coexisting in harmony. 


Images of Bridport and West Bay

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