A teacup fell off a shelf and was smashed in The Beach & Barnicott just a few minutes after Elvis impersonator Kim IL Sung pushed the button on his nuclear bomb test. Beach & Barnicott owner Tom Gillott said; "I was minding my own business when all of a sudden a mug fell off a shelf and smashed, there goes my profit margin I thought, it was my favourite Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle mug as well, it was an heirloom, I never imagined connecting the two events but when I saw the evening news it all clicked into place, I was smacked in the gob"

The Mill, the young peoples’ coffee bar, advice and information centre on the corner of North Street and Rax Lane is in its 12th year.  As a registered charity they rely heavily on volunteers to run sessions and do the fundraising. So they had the idea that if 500 people in Bridport became a ‘Friend of The Mill’ for just £5 per month (or more if anyone chose) our money worries would be over! We could also extend our services further and the People of Bridport would share ‘ownership’ of The Mill.

Surrounded by such beautiful countryside it’s easy to become complacent about the green spaces that weave there way into and through the town.  Where would we be without Askers Meadows or green corridor that follows the course of the River Brit?  These all make Bridport what it is, a market town inextricably linked to the countryside, each coexisting in harmony. 

Tuesday 26 July '06 Harbour Amusements, West Bay has been given an ultimatum by the West District Dorset Council to remove flower baskets that it has installed outside its premises within 24 hours or, say the Council "We will destroy them." The perpetrator of this hideous crime to society Mr Parkin said "It's madness, we won the Bridport in bloom competition last year and have recieved nothing but complements about them, especially from the people at the nearby old folks home."

You can now leave comments to the crime reports in our Law and Order section, so if you have any information regarding the offences reported or any other crimes, or if you simply want to say something about crime and punishment here's your chance. So instead of accepting that crime is a normal part of Bridport society and turning a blind eye - do something about it!

On any bin day and the night before the streets are strewn with rubbish – rotting potato peelings, decaying chicken carcasses, crispy condoms, festering sanitary towels, stinky nappies and all manner of detritus which covers the roads and pavements forcing pedestrians to take evasive action or risk soiling their shoes/wheels on last weeks leftovers. So whose fault is it?


Images of Bridport and West Bay

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