Hello my follow Bridianites, tis the Drunkun Jedi  here to tell you all about a band that are a little bit special (not in that way…) in a golden glimmer of a Dorset way. Dorset, the rolling hills, the slow way of life, the cherished people that live here, the real Dorset/Hampshire border (circa 1974) and a band called Who’s Afear’d!

Taking their name from the motto on Dorset’s crest, this lot cause a mass of laughter and jolliness wherever they perform. Their music is a myriad mixture of rock/folk/popular tunes all rolled into a unique brew of something I could only describe as the scrumpy cider of music.

When I was asked to write a short piece by the Ed’, I thought to myself  “yeah no worries, that’ll be easy.”
 but in reality the best explanation of this wonderment that is Kevicious on the mic, Cran on the drums (and kazoo) and last but definitely not least Mystery Boy Dave on guitar, is to pour yourself a jar of cider or badger beer…put on your smoking jacket and press play.

Who’s Afear’d are available for private parties, gigs and the live pub gig circuit almost anywhere in the country. Just pop on over to their myspaz site (link at the bottom of this article) and flip them a message.

Keep your eyes peeled right here at your very own Bridport Radio for an audio interview with Who’s Afear’d soon where you can actually find out what makes them tick…cluck and moo.

They're looking to play gigs in Bridders and their following of wurzels and pirates buy a lot of beers, so if you've got a venue book 'em now!

Until next time, please be safe and commit a random act of kindness everyday. This is Drunkun Jedi on behalf of Axe Owners Entertainment, signing off.

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