The Brothers Grimmer The Brothers Grimmer are two older young men and two younger men who get together regularly to try and write some good tunes. With a new bass player, Shawn they have been working and jammin' a lot to get all the new bass lines and guitars  recorded for their first album, The Blue Book, which you can have a taste of here.

The Brothers Grimmer The Brothers Grimmer are:

  • Pikey - guitar and vox (little bit of bass sometimes)
  • Mattoo - drum drums and backing vox,
  • Teflon - lots of guitar and stuff
  • Shawn k - bass - (little bit of synth sometimes)
  • Part timer Rhys Poo - percussion sometimes
  • Saul Grant - Roady, diamond geezer
  • Joe - Boss man (Mr advice, ideas and equipment, couldn't do it without him)

Have a listen, then tell us what you think. They have a regular spot down at Greens Bar in Boscombe, near Mackie D's, and will be organising regular gig's / Jam sessions every month.

Win a copy of their new album "The Small Blue Book of Excerpts"

By answering this easy question "What were the christian names of the Brothers Grimm" answers to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Book Them for a Gig

If you would like to book the Brothers Grimmer to play a gig at your venue get in touch with Joe "Senior Grimmer" on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Break Dancincing

Brothers Grimmer Brother Mike dancingIf you're lucky they'll bring capoera crazy, breakdancing, little brother Grimmer Mike Bundell, aged 19 who is through to the regional finals of Idol 08, to be held at the Ferneham centre, Fareham on Sunday 26th October 2008,(doors open 1.30pm.) Mike has been dancing break/street style and body popping since he was 13 and (with others) came first in the Bournemouth inter youth club talent shows 3 years in a row. In early 2005 whilst on holiday he entered and won the freestyle dance competition and was invited back in December 05 to compete in the national freestyle championship, held at Pontins Brean Sands, Somerset,  he went on to win and was awarded £100 and a trophy.

Mike has an autistic spectrum disorder, aspergers, although he has learning difficulties and struggles with reading writing and maths, he more than makes up for this in his considerable talent for dance and is an inspiration to other sufferers.

Brothers Grimmer

To find out more about the Brothers Grimmer including gig dates go to

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