St Mary's Church, BridportThe bells of St Mary's in South Street are a complete eight by Mears of 1924, replacing a Warner eight of 1887. It is said that they were one of the last old style rings to be cast - Mears moved to true-harmonic tuning in 1926.


However, as with Taylor peals of the 1890s, the Bridport bells show evidence of the transition from one tuning style to the other.

Christopher Dalton in his excellent book on Dorset Bells gives full details of the bells and their history and says "one cannot but wonder whether the present octave is any real improvement on Warner's ring". But I quite like these bells; the tenors have a warm, plummy sound; the trebles though flat-primed are quite good; and rung together they have a harmonious effect both in the ringing room and the churchyard, despite a slight wash of old-style partials in the background.

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