Mireille Mathleners songs have a real narrative quality and alternate between being melancholy and quirky. Her lyrics are written around themes of powerstruggle, loss, denial and hope. Vocally, Mireille has been compared to artists such as Aimee Mann, Chrissie Hynde and even Neil Young.

Originally from the Netherlands, Mireille moved to the UK in the mid 1990's. Besides recording original material, she has featured on a range of musical projects including nationally circulated compilations of up and coming artists. Over the past few years Mireille has been performing her own material on a National basis either acoustic solo and with her band. She has been featured on local and national radio stations including Dover Street Radio in the Isle of Wight and BCfm in Bristol, UK. Her New Album 'So Much For Superman'(2008) is available through myspace and on download through e-music, i-tunes and napster from early 2009.

Mireille Mathlener


“..dignified, self-possessed manner, a crisp clear voice...and a solid nicely-weighted band.." "..songs about love and its many disappointments..serious and severe like Aimee Mann." Venue magazine, UK. (live review)

"smokey vocals, haunting melodies and a real 60's feel" Jam Central Records

"great potential" "dark Indie/pop edge" Toby Darling Limited

"I see Aimee Mann being an influence. Enjoyed the lyrics" Silverscope Music Ltd "

“...the catchiest song of the night, Big Fish Small Town" www.salt-bristol.net . "

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