skimmity-hitchersThe World famous in the West Country, the badger-baitin, 'Ampshire-hatin band Who's Afear'd are no more, sadly, Who's Afear'd reached the end of the A35 after three fun-packed, cider-soaked years.

The good news is that you can't keep energy like that down for long, and risen from the ashes come The Skimmity Hitchers.

A summer has been spent in an anonymous West Country cider shed, writing new material, tweaking the old stuff, and generally putting together a plan for total West Country domination.

skimmity-hitchers-1We are very excited and think you might like it too. Think how much you enjoyed Who's Afear'd and add even more cider, badgers, drinking songs, special guests, instruments and general on (and off) stage shenanigans.

We are already a few gigs in to the new era, and already having a ball. You can check out what has been happening, and the gigs coming up soon, at our following websites:

If you fancy booking The Skimmity Hitchers or want to know more, or just want to say hello, get in touch. We don't bite (well, not until we're 4 pints of Cheddar Valley in)...

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