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Elijah Wolf releases his Christmas single LullabyOn December 5th 2008 singer/songwriter Elijah Wolf releases his Christmas single Lullaby. Available to download from his website

The song is a duet performed by Elijah and his wife Ava Wolf.  Elijah was inspired to write this song for his daughter. 

Gone LokoDJs James Baker and MaXim have updated their website with more music and mixes. Also added is a new blog and there is a new on-line shop where you can buy digital releases. So listen and buy some great music by these world famous in Bridport boys at

The Brothers Grimmer The Brothers Grimmer are two older young men and two younger men who get together regularly to try and write some good tunes. With a new bass player, Shawn they have been working and jammin' a lot to get all the new bass lines and guitars  recorded for their first album, The Blue Book, which you can have a taste of here.

The BeatlesPete Dicks is the disc jockey behind the the longest running UK Beatles radio show "BeatlesandBeyond" featuring well known and not so well known numbers by the Fab Four and their many tribute bands and you can listen live online now.

The Day of the Badger is finally upon us!  “What’s he talking about?” I hear you ask, well I'll tell you; our favourite Dorset band Who’s Afear’d have produced a new CD entitled The Day of the Badger which is full of hilarious songs. It is packed in a delightfully illustrated CD and case and is full of old songs with new lyrics for you to sing and dance to.

Ozone TerraceOzone Terrace get their name from that unassuming little street near the Cobb in Lyme. They are a diverse bunch of musicians with eclectic tastes who pull it all together to perform a tight and melodic sound which is as unique as it is accessible. Have a listen and see what you think.


Thanks to John at the Ropemakers for introducing "Smack La" a great band from Marseilles, France to Bridport. They have been likened to a cross between the Buzzcocks and The Stooges. They have plenty of energy and a great rocking out sound. Have a listen for yourself.

Robodub is musician Simon Mathewson. Originally from Bridport he now lives in Exeter. He’s been making electronic Dub for over 10 years but has only recently decided he’d like to go live and has played in Exeter Arts Centre and Café Concrete in Plymouth.


Nutmeg are Matthew Oakley and Simon Mathewson, two Exeter based musicians (Simon is originally from Bridport). Matthew came up for the idea of Nutmeg after hearing psychedelic medieval folksters Circulus. Nutmeg are a 70’s folk/prog parody band, but done with love and respect of the genres. 

Rachael Roberts and Alex Swift met whilst working at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.  Realising they had similar musical tastes they decided to collaborate and the album Quietude is the result. It’s a lush blend of electronica combined with the organic tones of strings and clarinet and a sweet vocal narrative.


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