Picture of Malcolm French presenting yours truly with a cheque from Bridport Rotary Club. Also thanks to Sherborne Youth Club for a generous donationThis open letter is intended to share a predicament, suggest a course of action and incite some feed back. Put bluntly The Trick Factory in 2010 has lost a lot of money, more than any previous year. I don’t know the exact figure but its around 3K. The reasons for this are lack of support. Either from would be sponsors, contributors or simply people attending the facility, either to use and/or help at the premises.

Paradoxically the number of local users in recent times doesn’t even amount to double figures, much to the dismay of myself and the disbelief of those that travel to use TTF.

Sinking Feeling

For many years I have joked that my accounting skills amount to the general realisation that running TTF doesn’t allow me to drive around in a Ferrari but it didn’t prevent me from going hungry either so things trundled along. Another paradoxical affair is the positive aspect (in one way) of the increased number of outdoor facilities that have sprung up across the land in recent years. Its good on the one hand they now exist but in the summer months TTF now gets very few attending users. It’s a horrible sinking feeling knowing the monthly overheads amount to around £875 and half way through a summer month the takings amount to less than £200.


Of course some off-setting can be factored into the mix, in so much as more money is taken in the winter months but it no longer gets close to breaking even. I am suggesting and intending to reduce the amount of the area we pay rent for in the building and this will happen at the end of March or April 2011. The provisional plan is to lower the bowl to floor level (where it will be reduced from 5ft deep/high to 4ft. The foot print of the bowl will be floored over with transitions/flatbanks going against what is presently the bowl vert wall and the same or similar on an opposite wall that will be put up roughly where the spine/volcano sit. This set up would still allow up to 3 people to ride/skate simultaneously. It would also be interesting to see a fresh configuration in the building and to use a smaller space as effectively as can be.

BUT, there are other factors that may cause problems. How will the landlords react to this? What are the implications of the new proposed plans for the redevelopment of the St Michaels Trading Estate? How long do we have in the building we presently occupy? How many people who say they are going to help morph TTF will ACTUALLY physically help? Awaiting to hear from people, nothing yet is set but stuff needs to happen…

Can you help? Get in touch www.thetrickfactory.com

Bridport BMX Brilliance

Rob Ridge showing technical riding devilry in a promotion for The Trick Factory, it was filmed by locals and almost entirely filmed in/around Bridport and features a number of local outdoor spots that may prove interesting to viewers (see how many you recognize). Within its first week of release it has notched up 22000 hits on Youtube.

Trick Factory website www.thetrickfactory.com


Images of Bridport and West Bay

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